100% fat-free | Nutritious  | Healthy and tasty | A complete justice to your diet list


And because it’s always a right time to snack on and nothing looks as good as healthy feels- come snack smart with us for a healthy lifestyle, for our Khakras are going to be the best part of your diet file.

Who we are

We are a manufacturing unit located in Bangalore named MEWAR FOODS. You can call us distributors, wholesalers or suppliers. We are all about khakras, Yes! The famous snack of the Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines. These roasted thin layered healthy and tasty khakras have left behind other snacks, soon getting the fame of being “The National Snack”.


About Us

The passion for food we have, got us playing with varieties of flavors for giving you the yummilicious and krispilicious Khakras ever with a mass production of almost 8000kgs khakras per month.

Imagine how great would life be if pizzas, machuri, pani puri, Maggie, pav bhaji made us healthier?

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Well, we make these yummy flavored khakras that your taste buds would love which are absolutely healthy and delicious.

Why Khakra over other snacks?

Have you ever heard of the quote “Sometimes when you’re depressed, you just want someone to hug you and whisper…
“I’ve snacks with me”?

Khakra- The Snack of my school days

Remember the school days when you were walking down the lane with a basket swinging in your hand with a tiny box for your short break and bigger box for the lunch break?