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Our Story

Who We Are

We are a manufacturing unit located in Bangalore named MEWAR FOODS. We are all about khakras, Yes! The famous snack of the Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines. These roasted thin layered healthy and tasty khakras have left behind other snacks, soon getting the fame of being “The National Snack”.


Snack Vibes Only

 Nutritious | Healthy and tasty | 100% fat-free


And because it’s always a right time to snack on and nothing looks as good as healthy feels- come Snack Smart with us for a healthy lifestyle, for our Khakras are going to be the best part of your diet file.

Plain Khakra

In other words, these are the sada roasted and crispy khakras, with no spices added. keeping the taste sober, yet tasty. Tea and sada khakras are one of the best khakra combos.

Chilli Masala Khakra

Healthy and tasty is a very rare combination. isn’t it? How about a snack that’s masaledaar with the hotness of chilli in it?

Live life with a little spice!

Garlic Khakra

To all the garlic lovers, how often do you use garlic? Once, twice, thrice a day or even more? We know, garlic is the secret ingredient of all the dishes that enhance the taste of anything and everything. A must try flavour that you cannot resist.

Jeera Khakra

Jeera, the ‘Must Ingredient’ in almost all the food we make – the presence isn’t felt, but the absence of it makes a difference. One can never stop munching on jeera khakras. Keeping the flavour subtle and tasty.

Ajwain has a lot of health benefits, mainly known for digestion. This khakra can be added to your list of healthy, tasty and digestive snack. This Khakra will be there by your side no matter how unwell you are, and will cure your cravings for a snack during your health issue days.

Methi Khakra

These are the dry, oil-free form of thepalas. Methi is one of the most preferred khakras among khakra lovers. Green methi adds on to the freshness of the khakra. Perfect definition for a healthy snack.



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