What We Do

The passion for food we have, got us playing with varieties of flavors for giving you the yummilicious and krispilicious Khakras ever with a mass production of almost 8000kgs khakras per month. Imagine how great would life be if pizzas, machuri, pani puri, Maggie, pav bhaji made us healthier? Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Well, we make these yummy flavored khakras that your taste buds would love which are absolutely healthy and delicious.


Shashi Munot and Rahul Bambki have come together as a firm to add on to the stories of the traditional khakras with the support of Paras Bambki and Sanjay Munot. We have been dealing with various food products such as namkeens, masalas and papads for over 4 years

Khakra combos

This is a snack that fits in anywhere and everywhere. And is best suited for breakfast.

  • tea and khakra
  • khakra and pickle
  • masala khakra with vegetable toppings
  • khakra sandwich with cheese

Khakra is not just a snack, but an EMOTION.