The list of ingredients needed:

  • Aarogo Khakras
  • onion, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, corn
  • mayonnaise
  • tomato ketchup
  • pudina chutney
  • sev
  • cheese
  • coriander
  • oregano and chilli flakes

Ever heard of 2 min pizza? Yes, you read it right. Unlike the 2 min Maggie noodles, this pizza will not take you more than 2 mins. Your question will be- REALLY?

OKAY! Terms and conditions do apply (obviously). So yes, 2 mins only if you have the platter of the freshly chopped vegetables ready.

Let me introduce to you one of my favourite snack recipe, The Khakra Pizza. Mark my words when I say you, you cannot resist this snack, you can go on and on and on (only if the number of on’s could justify it)

All you have to do to make this yummy in the tummy recipe is follow the following these 4 steps.

Firstly, let’s get sorted with the chopping of vegetables for it to be a 2min snack.

Step 1: You will need finely chopped onions, capsicum, cucumber, coriander, chillies and tomatoes. The list goes on if you want to add more vegetables to it, a touch of corn would go great with it. Mix all the vegetables along with chat masala, jaljeera, salt and lemon to it.

Step 2: Make a mixture of mayonnaise, tomato ketchup and pudina chutney in a bowl. Take a khakra (any flavour of your choice) and spread this paste evenly on the whole khakra. Now cover the khakra with all the chopped vegetables and spread some oregano and chilli flakes on it.

Step 3: to make the dish full of colours, spread some sev over it.

Step 4: Your favourite, my favourite – for the dish to be complete and for the heavenly feels, grate the cheese over it, show all the love you have for cheese.

And garnishing of course- a little coriander, and how about adding some chilli flakes again on top?

This is it!

Trust me, the dish might look simple, but it is definitely very satisfying and the day you make it, you will have a plate full of happiness in front of you created by you for you.

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