Remember the school days when you were walking down the lane with a basket swinging in your hand with a tiny box for your short break and bigger box for the lunch break?

Remember those days when your friends had been deciding on what lunch and snacks you would be getting the next day?

Remember those days when your friends got excited on the very first period for opening your snack box?

Remember those days where you had to beg your friends for a share for the snacks from your own box?

These memories are as fresh as it happened yesterday. Isn’t it? Talking about my school days, I was the only North Indian among my friends, the only Jain. Yes, there was a high demand- a very high demand for my food. And the snack that topped the list of their favourites were KHAKRAS- the dry rotis, made of wheat flour and oil.

I still remember how crazy my friends were for Khakras I used to carry for my break. Even before the short break bell rang, my box would be left as clean as it was before my mumma packed my box. There was this special dry powder that mumma used to make to spread it on the khakra that is layered with ghee- those were the days I had to forget that I had had a box for my break because there was no chance for me to eat a share from the box.

The reason my friends used to give me was, you can go eat at your home, and we cannot. My friends did exactly the opposite of what was thought in our preschool days that- Sharing isn’t caring (never ever in the matter of khakras). I was always told by my friends, get many khakras tomorrow, out of which, each would get two (including me). The next day when I did what I was told, they took away all the khakras and my share were again divided among them.

No matter how true my friends were, but in the matters of khakras, they all betrayed me, all turned out to be nothing but cheaters. This didn’t end with the school days, I happened to be the only North Indian even during my college days. Everything had changed. A New class, new environment, new friends, but what remained the same was my empty khakra box with nothing called “sharing” with me.

There was this incident that had happened when I had called my friends home for lunch. The risk I had taken, actually, let me reframe it, the risk my friends had taken to agree for the lunch that my mum wouldn’t prepare- but me! And believe me, I was a very very, very very, very very bad cook. (the number of very’s aren’t enough though)

It so happened that, I had somehow managed to prepare a sabji, but when it came to roti’s, I almost did the map of different countries each time. And not just that, my roti’s weren’t soft, but crunchy and munchy- literally, we could hear the sound of every bite we took. And guess what? My friends were so happy that I prepared them KHAKRAS. They were actually proud of me.

Only I knew the inside story. I roasted my roti so much that it turned out to be a khakra. Though they had complained about the shape, in the end, they were all happy with the taste of it. Only then I realized, I’m a good cook too.

And it’s been 5 years now, I prepare perfect rotis, round rotis, but fail to make khakras terribly. Nevertheless, I am trying my best to learn to make khakras and surely will make through it one fine day.

Here are few tips for all the Northies out there:

  • If you are a foodie, never ever take khakras to class, you will be left with nothing but an empty box
  • Do make deals with friends for agreeing to get as many khakras as they want only if they get you a box of snacks you love.
  • Learn to prepare khakras that are of course round, unlike mine, and you would be called as the chef of your friends’ group even though you’re the worst at home. (trust me, this works)

Khakras are the yummiest and healthiest evergreen snack. They make the best pair with tea, pickle, masala with vegetables, the dry chutney of course, and with cheese, it is yummmmmmy.  Go grab a khakra snack pack for you and wait for your heart to say “my dil goes hmmmmmm hmmmmm”

This was My khakra journey that I cherish even now, what was yours? Or maybe start taking khakras with you to the class, and let the journey begin?