Have you ever heard of the quote “Sometimes when you’re depressed, you just want someone to hug you and whisper “I’ve snacks with me”?
Well, I would say I want snacks when I’m extremely happy when I’m feeling too low when I have nothing to do, and when I have everything to do. You feel me?
So basically, snack on anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Make sure, you don’t eat less, just eat right.
How boring is sipping on a cup of tea without having something to crunch on with someone beside you? Gone are the days where we would prefer biscuits every day, lets munch on something much healthier and yes, yummier.
Gujurati snacks are a mélange of flavours. Out of all, khakras are one of the most loved snacks among the Gujarati community and I confess we just can’t do without it. It’s one of the healthier and yummier options when compared to other unhealthy snacks that we tend to normally binge on. It is also known as crispy bread from Gujarat.
Khakras are mainly known for healthy snacks as they are prepared from whole wheat flour along with other leafy veggies like methi or with soya flour. Khakras are very easy to make, all the ingredients such as mat bean, wheat flour, and masalas are kneaded with oil, water or milk. The dough should be soft to get the perfect crunch. Small chunks of the dough are rolled into flat floppies which are then roasted. Khakras are usually round and chapati-like and off-whitish in colour.
Khakras today are available in myriad flavours and sometimes the flavours take you by surprise. pani puri khakra, kurkure khakra, Pav bhaji khakra, chilli khakra are just a few of them to name.

Why khakras?

• It is a widely used & a versatile snack in India like by all age groups.
• It goes together with milk, accompaniments like garlic chutney, chillies tossed in oil, pickles, dips like mayo, mint paste, mustard sauce, etc.
• It can be used to create many innovative dishes – it can be a hero of the dish or can be a supporting ingredient.
• Name any cuisine, and it goes well. It can be served in styles like Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Italian. All in all, we can use these roasted toasties in any form of dish & can be presented in different styles as well.
• The best benefit of this snack is we can incorporate khakras very easily with other ingredients with a perfect blend of all the flavours.
• It’s cheaper & a lot healthier when compared to other snacks- easy to carry and light
• A wide variety of thin, crispy sheets, infused with desi flavours are available for different taste buds.
This is why khakras is chosen over other snacks. For the thin-crisp khakras, with a range of varieties, choose Aarogo khakras.